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Future. How do you see it? Do you still believe in a fairy tale about happily ever after? No! This future will never be there. A man is vicious, a man wants to be vicious and needs to have his fill! We will give you the real future! Future without any morals and restrictions! Come join us.
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Nuclear war, world crisis, global degeneration. This is only a beginning. Will the mankind survive? Yes, it will! There is only one ruling instinct sex, sex and nothing but sex. The cruelest, the most uncontrolled, the most craved. Listless numbers of worlds and variations. A true reality that we created for your pleasure. The hottest babes of radioactive wildernesses in skin-tight latex outfits. Fairy-tale characters, perfect minds and actions. You can find all of this at our web pages. Any dreams, any fantasies there is nothing impossible, there is only previously inexperienced. This is your boarding pass to a world of pleasures that never end. Regular updates, only carefully selected content, inexpressible atmosphere of post apocalyptic and cyber punk galore. Robots, humans, androids, cyborgs, fairies and lots of others in the most luscious action at the deathbed of the mankind. Only the last limit can make humans toss away their morals and superstitions and here humans finally come unchained. Discover the world of the new mankind!
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A lifetime experience in a radioactive desert. An indispensable jeep, a worn-out jacket and a fast woman beside. The winds of freedom blowing into your face who will ever care for morals? It is time to leave those archaic dogmata and plunge into a real future. Even this fruitless earth can give birth to genuine beauties, and maybe it is those cuties that are waiting for you behind the next dune or in the ruins of a city abandoned by civilization. How far are you ready to go in your pilgrimage? To feel it, to get to its very foundations, to create your own kind of reality. These women will become your reality in an orgy of a true freedom. Take it now. Why lose time if the beauties are waiting for you behind the next bend? They crave for you to save them and to live out their most vicious fantasies, taking you to the world of real pleasures. Join now, dont wait until its too late!
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