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A world after a global catastrophe. The earth is burnt down and infested, insane mutants, war robots and cyborgs running without control it is just a part of the obstacles on ones way to survival. But the most dangerous enemy is still a man. Such are the routine days of this world. But what are the nights like then? A total absence of morals and absolute debauchery, orgies and the sexiest babes. And it is only a part of whats waiting for you inside. Is this not what the mankind has been longing for during its entire existence? Living out ones fantasies, stealing a glance over the future and take ones part in it. Dont wait for tomorrow when you can see all of this today!
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Perpetual updates, galleries that you will enjoy. A great number of the worlds most celebrated artists and animators contributed to the launching of these web pages for you to admire. Enjoy, dream and live out your dreams. Choose the future that suits you best! Roam the ruins, watch beautiful girls. Find yourself in the world of elves and have fun with an elvish princess. Now you can do anything! Join us right now.
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